Ensuring fruit quality

The Gielen family, founders of Royal Fruit Company, has been growing cherries since 1960. In order to make sure they deliver nothing but premium quality cherries, the company uses the latest state-of-the-art technologies such as hydro cooling and a modern optical sorting line.

Once picked, the cherries are chilled within the hour by way of hydro cooling before being sorted and packed the very next day. This short chain approach makes sure customers get the freshest possible product. The sorting machine transports the cherries with plenty of water which is key, as this makes sure the cherries are treated very gently. In this respect, a proficient hygiene policy is crucial. Being able to continuously use clean water, both during the hydro cooling and the sorting process, is what makes all the difference.

Huwa-San TR-50 as sorting line water disinfectant

The cherry season is short but very intensive. Ensuring constant water quality is important and requires close monitoring. Refreshing the water in the sorting line on a daily basis to stop organic contamination from building up is a ‘must’. To keep the microbiological status under control, by way of efficient water disinfection, Royal Fruit Company uses Huwa-San TR-50 disinfectant. The support and advice provided by Roam Technology, which produces and supplies Huwa-San TR-50, are crucial to ensure guaranteed water quality consistency.

Roam Technology’s role as hygiene partner

Roam Technology frequently takes water samples at its customers’ premises, which are then analysed by an independent laboratory. The results are presented to customers in reports, which come with practical tips and advice. The reports provide a good picture of the microbiology of the water, allowing for remedial action to be taken as and when necessary.

Marijke Zwerts, Co-Leader at Royal Fruit Company explains: “Roam Technology is our first port of call for the automatic grading and dosing installation on the sorting line, whilst the company also provides added support in the area of laws and regulations or in the case of audits. Anyone who places a premium on the quality of the fruit is aware that pure processes make for pure products. So it makes good sense to use only high quality, user-friendly disinfectants with scientifically proven efficiency. Which is exactly what Roam Technology’s Huwa-San product delivers.”

“One of the main benefits of working with Roam Technology”, Marijke continues, “is the fact that they come up with solutions that are tailored to each individual business and every specific installation. They offer expert support and are happy to answer queries or provide advice at all times. This allows us to act in quick response should a problem occur. Especially at busy times during high season, this is a great asset. Roam Technology’s support eases the burden  of our duties and helps to supply superlative quality cherries in large quantities to consumers.”

Quality cherries thanks to quality processes