Roam Technology is a global, science-based cleaning, disinfection and performance specialist. The family-owned company’s headquarter, its new production facility and main distribution center are based in Genk, Belgium. Our mission is to help our customers around the world to improve their biosecurity measures while taking care of the planet.

We need to rediscover how to be sustainable and move from being apart from nature, to becoming a part of nature once again.

Sir David Attenborough

Scientific by nature

We at Roam Technology are specialised in the production and worldwide commercialisation of hygiene solutions. Our products and people are ‘scientific by nature’. Science is part of our nature and nature is part of our solutions. We’re driving innovation and providing solutions to our customers in over 70 countries.

New Global Research & Development Manager

Our people are at the core of our company. We are constantly investing in our team of dedicated people, who continue to develop themselves through education and training.

Together with our clients, we want to win and are ready to go the extra mile. We offer a service and advice that is backed up with scientific knowledge and insights obtained from our close cooperation with our customers and partners in the field. While our specialist teams globally support our product portfolio in a wide range of markets, they make sure our services are based on trust, open communication and proximity.

Product quality is assured thanks to our state-of-the-art production facility, in combination with an experienced and multi-disciplinary Production and Quality Management team. Our operations contain fully automated filling lines in a controlled environment (cleanroom) to prevent contamination, a closed loop formulation unit, internal laboratory and R&D facilities.

We strive to meet the highest standards, which is reflected in several ISO certificates. For product applications, we can rely on our approvals and many international certificates like NSF, CONTROL UNION and many others.


We go the extra mile

Our scientific approach makes sure our products are effective and of the very best quality. Bringing these exceptional products, world-class science and our dedicated team together, we are able to provide you with a solution that is cost-effective and saves you resources. Our business units allow us to provide focused, industry and application based services to our global network.

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Our history


In 1984, Mr. Jos Roebben embarked upon a journey that would change the global water treatment market forever. His family company ‘Roam Chemie NV’ was formed to specialise in the production and formulation of water treatment chemicals. As well as achieving very high standards of chemical production, Mr Roebben wanted to ensure that any Roam customers were fully supported both technically and commercially.


The Roam Chemie product offering was further enhanced by Mr. Roebben in 1991 by introducing a new, more environmentally sound product named ‘Huwa-San’. This Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide technology would prove to be a game changing advancement in water treatment. Leaving no harmful residuals whilst having a broad spectrum efficacy meant that Huwa-San could be the true, credible alternative to historic water treatment methods such as chlorination.


The Huwa-San formula was officially bought by Mr. Roebben in 2001. He and his team optimised the product further and at the same time moulded the family business around this innovative, eco-conscious product.


As the success and popularity of Huwa-San around the world became more and more evident, it was decided that the business needed a strategic re-orientation. In 2015, Roam Technology NV was formed with the aim to focus solely on sustainable disinfection solutions with Huwa-San being at the forefront of its offering. In order to cope with the growth of the Huwa-San technology, the company moved to a new and bigger location in Genk.



Roam Technology successfully made the transition to the new ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 standards in 2018, ensuring our compliance with the newest production standards for medical devices. Significant investment in the latest production equipment, new bigger distribution and manufacturing facilities in Genk and a major recruitment drive bringing in the brightest talent from around the world ensured that this success produced a sustained growth for the company.


Today, Roam Technology has 6 global offices supporting our partners and products, which are present in over 70 countries. The Huwa-San technology range is constantly evolving with further developments in applications such as water disinfection, room decontamination and surface disinfection.

As  far as the future is concerned, Roam Technology will continue to learn and invest in research & development. We will always support our customers wherever they are. We’ll stay true to supplying products that are sustainable in their technology and that contribute to a healthier and safer world.