Firstly, we actively engage in scientific user groups. This allows us to be at the forefront of emerging issues and the innovative solutions that are being developed within such groups. By doing this, we can test our products within a consortium of experts and additionally get insights into the actual science behind the effects.

A recent example is the BARATom project that was a consortium of Universities (University of Leuven) and research centers (PSKW, PCH and Scientia terrae) in Belgium, intended to develop innovative strategies to combat crazy roots. In this project, Roam Technology’s main product Huwa-San has proven to be effective in the battle against ToBRFV, where hygiene and prevention should be the focus.

Empowering hygiene with scientific excellence

But what does this ‘scientific by nature’ actually imply?

Also, in the B2B project, aimed at monitoring and controlling ToBRFV outbreaks in Belgium, we actively participate in developing an effective crop rotation protocol to combat ToBRFV together with tomato growers and research institutes (PSKW, PCH, Scientia terrae). Both Roam Eco Clean, as an outstanding foam cleaner, and Huwa-San, as a very effective disinfectant, might play an important role in this protocol in the future.

Finally, in the recently started SystControl project, we will be able to determine the exact capabilities of Huwa-San in the post-harvest sector. There, we’ll be studying the effectivity of Huwa-San to eradicate certain fruit pathogens in order to expand export options. In a broader context, the focus of this project is to develop new and efficient techniques to detect and prevent phytosanitary risks in the fruit sector. World-class institutes such as the University of Leuven, Imec and PC fruit are also involved within the project association.

Empowering hygiene with scientific excellence

Secondly, Roam Technology collaborates closely with renowned scientific institutes such as the University of Leuven, Hasselt and Ghent, which drives the continuous improvement of our products and services. Additionally, this relationship supports the activities of our R&D department by creating the knowledge hubs that we can use for product development/improvement towards the market.

Lastly, since we are a global company with activities in more than 70 countries, we created our own digital learning platform, the Roam Academy, to raise the technical knowledge of our employees and partners all over the world. This platform allows us to share our scientific knowledge in the most effective way possible.

By combining our scientific expertise and customer-centric mindset, we deliver products and services that surpass expectations, ensuring long-term partnerships based on trust and mutual growth. Join us in our scientific journey towards a cleaner, healthier future.