A clean water system at Lisianthus grower

Good water quality is very important in the cultivation of Lisianthus, as it is grown in full greenhouse soil and is sensitive to fungi, including Fusarium. Germs can easily spread through the water throughout the nursery. Bacteria and fungi feel comfortable in the biofilm on the inside of the pipes. There, they multiply and cause blockages. The result is uneven watering. This is very undesirable, because it causes dry patches and uneven growth of the crop.

Good water quality is very important in the cultivation of Lisianthus. Without water treatment, you’ll see an accumulation of biofilm in any watering system.

Wesley Van Der Lugt
A clean water system at Lisianthus grower
Roam Technology’s Jef Van Gorp

Lugt Lisianthus needed a solution to clean their irrigation system and to maintain the water quality to a high standard thereafter. In June 2020, they started adding Huwa-San as water treatment agent, as advised by Royal Brinkman’s product specialist in hygiene and disinfection Dirk Timmers. Dirk and Roam Technology’s technical specialist Jef van Gorp have been supporting Lugt Lisianthus ever since.

Dirk explains: “Huwa-San is proportionally dosed into the irrigation water via a flow-controlled dosing system. When we start dosing, we begin by taking a baseline measurement of Huwa-San and ensure the grower has detailed onsite training. We also provide targeted follow-up and technical guidance throughout the year. Together, we think along with the customer in order to arrive at the best approach against pollution and preventing blockages in the water system.”

Roam Technology’s Jef Van Gorp said: “At Lugt Lisianthus, quarterly water analyses are taken in the greenhouse, from the top irrigation, the bottom irrigation, at the unit and in the basin. These samples are then analyzed by an independent laboratory, a report is produced with the results and site specific advice is given. That advice could be about the dosage, remedial action or change of protocols.”

Jef continued: “With a digital hydrogen peroxide meter, we can measure the amount of Huwa-San TR-50 very accurately at any point in the water system. It is nice to quickly notice that the concentration you set on the dosing pump can also be measured in the pipes. In this way, the grower himself is also convinced that the product will get everywhere. With test strips, the grower can also easily take interim measurements. This allows him to quickly measure the hydrogen peroxide content. With these test strips you can see the concentration of the Huwa-San TR-50 present in the water within a few seconds.”

The use of Huwa-San has led to great results at Lugt Lisianthus; according to the grower the irrigation system has been ‘spotless’ ever since, giving micro-organisms less chance to spread in the nursery, leading to healthier crops. Additionally, the grower no longer needs to unscrew the nozzles one by one twice a year to clean the sieves. This has resulted in considerable labour savings.