Our highly-educated technical experts support growers in their daily activities as well as on key moments, such as when there’s a pathogen outbreak or during crop rotation.  Our product range is supported by our team’s comprehensive advice, cutting-edge monitoring techniques and detailed guidance on how to improve biosecurity on farms.


Growing the most out of each hectare, everywhere

Protected cultivation enables growers worldwide to have strict climate control, increasing yield and quality. It allows the growers to grow more with less while still keeping an eye on quality, food safety, reliability and sustainability.

Technology is evolving rapidly, especially in high tech horticulture. Vertical farming and robotization is on the rise, allowing farming to be done anywhere you can imagine (rooftops, supermarkets,..).

Water, where life starts

As water resources are getting more and more scarce in certain regions, precision irrigation helps the grower tackle the reduced availability of fresh water by delivering water and fertilizers in a more precise and efficient way. Circularity also becomes more and more important. It allows growers to recycle more than 95% of the water used and reduces fertilizer wastage. However, a lot of growers are still hesitant to switch to closed recycling systems because of the risk of diseases spreading through the water.

Guiding growers by developing a tailor-made hygiene protocol to tackle these challenges is part of our mission. Defining their needs and supporting them in their daily activities, as well as at key moments, such as crop rotation, is part of our service.


Helping farmers towards a greener future

Increased awareness among consumers, combined with strict regulations are increasing the demand for a ‘clean and green’ produce. Crops will have to be grown with reduced use of pesticides and fungicides.

The development of alternative ways of managing pests and diseases (e.g. IPM) is crucial. In combination with good hygiene management of water and environment, this will help growers to deal with diseases of viral (ToBRFV, TMV, CMV, …), bacterial (Agrobacterium, Xanthomonas, Erwinia, Clavibacter) or fungal origin (Fusarium, Phytium, Phytophtora, …) in a more sustainable way.

Roam Technology offers you tailor-made advice towards a greener and higher yield.