Pure processes lead to pure products

Water scarcity is a worldwide problem that will only increase with time. Recycling of water to reduce water losses through innovative techniques and products is therefore of vital importance in various industries, especially in the post-harvest sector were large amounts of water are used for sorting and washing fruit and vegetables.

Additionally, the reduced use of pesticides and the emergence of organic farming make fruit and vegetables often more prone to pathogens during post-harvest transport, processing and storing.

post-harvest bananas

Hygiene is key

To reduce food losses, an integrative hygiene protocol is required that includes effective cleaning and disinfection procedures for all materials and machines that come into contact with the fruit and vegetables. Also, the cooling cells where the food is often stored are potential sites of contamination and require specific attention in the hygiene protocol.
Thorough cleaning and disinfection of materials, machines and water that come in contact with fruit and vegetables is not only required to reduce loss of quality but is also of crucial importance in terms of food safety.  Inadequate disinfection of sorting, transport or washing water could severely compromise the microbiological quality of the water and could form a threat to the end consumer.

Helping post-harvest companies achieve cleaner and safer processes

Roam Technology strives to provide hygiene solutions tailored to the needs of each individual process. By offering solutions for cleaning and disinfection of cooling cells, materials and sorting lines as well as for disinfection of transport and washing water, our technical sales team can support your company throughout the complete post-harvest process.

Roam Technology offers tailor-made advice towards a more sustainable, cleaner and safer process.

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