Once a plant is infected, the process is irreversible. All focus should be on prevention, for which a strict hygiene plan should be the basis. A thorough disinfection of the entire greenhouse during crop rotations is an important step in this hygiene plan. Before this greenhouse disinfection process takes place, the greenhouse should be completely cleaned, and all organic plant material should be removed. This is very important, as the virus is very persistent and easily transferable.

Recent research of Roam Technology at the renowned research institute of Scientia Terrae on ToBRFV, has shown that Huwa-San is effective in killing ToBRFV with a one time application of 1% concentration of Huwa-San TR-50 (contact time: 14h).  With the crop rotation period in sight, it is again proven that Huwa-San can play a major role in cleaning out the greenhouse, both in the water irrigation system as for surfaces.

With Huwa-San TR-50, general hygiene is taken to a higher level. Huwa-San allows you to drastically reduce the risk of infection with viruses and as Huwa-San is also verified for use in Organic food sites, it is classed as a ‘No rinse, leave in place disinfectant’.