Sili-Fert P is a game changer for agricultural practices, empowering plants to develop their full potential and bolster their natural resistance against abiotic stress.

After months of rigorous evaluation, we’re proud to announce that on December 4 2023, Sili-Fert P was granted the green light for distribution and use across the Canadian landscape.

Sili-Fert P Canada

Not only has Sili-Fert P been recognised by the esteemed Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) as a top-tier Micronutrient Fertiliser, but it has also earned its stripes as a versatile biostimulant. This dual recognition means that farmers and growers now have the flexibility to apply Sili-Fert P via foliar application or via irrigation water, adapting to the unique needs of their crops with ease.

Sili-Fert P has also been given the thumbs-up for use in cultivating medicinal cannabis in Canada, showcasing its broad spectrum of applications. Recently, a number of tests have taken place in the Netherlands with Sili-Fert P in medicinal cannabis cultivation. More news on this will follow soon.

From crops to fruits to vegetables, Sili-Fert P is paving the way for a new era of agricultural excellence in Canada.