Many vital functions such as the transit of food through the digestive tract, enzymatic reactions, the consistency of excreted waste, regulation of body temperature, the flexibility of joints, etc. are influenced by the amount of water intake (see figure A and B). Clearly, contaminated water will limit the animals’ food uptake and hence reduce efficiency of all these functions.

clean water system equals happy farm animals
Figure A

As a consequence of providing clean water, nutrients will be consumed more easily, resulting in greater weight gain. Moreover, it will reduce the spread of diseases, causing less economical losses and, yet again, causing faster growth. As a result, providing clean water will also reduce the need for veterinary treatments and associated costs. Another important result of providing clean water, is the fact that use of antibiotics can be limited this way, which is highly relevant in a world that is facing so many challenges due to antibiotics overuse. Finally, clean water will also reduce water waste, as animals are less likely to waste it by refusing to drink it, also making sure that their litter stays dry, which is also a plus, as wet litter causes multiple problems. Not only could it cause dermatitis on the animals’ feet, it could also be the main cause of footpad lesions, breast blisters and increased ammonia levels, leading to an impaired broiler performance. Gut health plays a major role, so make sure you provide your poultry with an optimal housing management, and with the right choice of feed.

clean water system equals happy farm animals
Figure B

It may sound simple: disinfect your water, and all your problems will disappear. Correct, but the right type of disinfectant is of high importance in this regard. For instance, chlorine is often used as a disinfectant but has a substantial smell and taste rendering animals to dislike the water with all its consequences, ending with unhappy animals despite the effort. Therefore, it is necessary to include a highly effective and odour and taste free disinfectant. Huwa-San TR-50 brings all of these qualities together, and its use as a water disinfectant is a necessary step in any successful biosecurity protocol. Continuous dosing of this biocide will result in clean pipelines and pure water at the drip, which leads to happy, healthy and fast-growing animals, every farmer’s dream.

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