Phytophthora outbreak tackled by Huwa-San

Phytophthora root rot is a soil based disease that can kill a wide range of plants and is known to have a devastating effect if not dealt with quickly and efficiently. Van Riet turned to Royal Brinkman for a solution and after their assessment of the issue, Brinkman’s technical specialists decided that Huwa-San was the perfect answer help solve this problem.

Phytophthora outbreak tackled by Huwa-San

Roam Technology’s horticultural technical team and Herman Maassen from Royal Brinkman worked together to find the best possible way to drive this infection rate down as soon as possible. The approach, which included flooding the irrigation system with a higher Huwa-San dosage, combined with the installation of a proportional dosing system, was accepted by Van Riet and the project commenced. Onsite support, technical knowledge, regular checks and measurements were all crucial elements in our plan of action.

We were really pleased with the results of using Huwa-San, and with the technical support of both the Roam Technology and Royal Brinkman support teams.

Vincent Van Riet, owner at Dutch ornamental grower Vincent Van Riet

After only 8 weeks, Van Riet could see phenomenal progress in root development, overall growth and element uptake. The plants that were seriously infected by Phytophthora showed systematic recovery thanks to the use of Huwa-San. To date, crop losses have been reduced to almost zero, and the ornamental crops have showed an overall improvement in general plant health. With a harvest consisting of 100.000 plants, this means that Van Riet was able to avoid a loss of approximately 50.000 plants in a single harvest, thanks to the market leading Huwa-San Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide.