clean water green houseplant grower Smit Kwekerijen

As a seasoned specialist, Henk suggested Huwa-San TR-50 because of its proven efficiency and the high degree of scientific support by Roam Technology’s team.

It all starts with the rainwater that Smit collects in a basin. “We add the disinfectant with a pump. We then pump the rainwater in from the basin. We make it on prescription with fertilizers. The first time we also add stabilized hydrogen peroxide.

Dariusz emphasizes the importance of clean water:

Water is the most important element we use. Good cultivation starts with clean water. This means you have less waste, you have to intervene less and you need less crop protection agents.

Dariusz Ignac, Growing Chief at Smit Kwekerijen
clean water green houseplant grower Smit Kwekerijen

The next step is to add fertilizers to the day silos. Finally, Huwa-San TR-50 goes to our water dosing systems, irrigation booms, drip hoses and manuals.” Because weather conditions play a major role in water quality, Dariusz continues to monitor the water. “Just dosing an agent is not enough; you always need measurement data.”

Smit Kwekerijen have been using Huwa-San TR-50 at three locations for about five years. “We use it to disinfect the entire water system at one location”, explains Dariusz. “At other locations, we occasionally use it to keep the pipes clean with periodic disinfections.” Measuring, guidance and consultation are crucial in upgrading water quality. Regularly, water samples need to be taken and basins should be checked. These water samples are subsequently analyzed by independent laboratories, proving the efficacy and performance of Huwa-San TR-50 time and time again.

At Smit Kwekerijen, Huwa-San TR-50 has once again proven to be the best product for removing biofilm, which consists of bacteria, from the water system. Its proven efficiency against fungi, yeasts and viruses also remains unmatched.