Some biosecurity measures are even required by law, these are the so called ‘imposed’ measures. A number of animal diseases need to be reported in certain countries to reduce the risk of spreading. These diseases can often cause huge economic losses and have a big impact on the entire livestock sector.

Roam Technology experts in biosecurity

A biosecurity plan is tailor-made

Many aspects of biosecurity are common sense!

  • Every farm is bespoke –  A unique biosecurity plan tailored to you farm is vital!
  • Once the biosecurity plan is drawn up, it needs to be enforced.
  • Products that are part of the program need to be applied correctly.
  • A livestock farmer is the first gatekeeper, but don’t forget all of the other people working on or visiting the farm.
  • The biosecurity plan has to be monitored on a regular basis.

Biosecurity practices on livestock farms and ranches include disinfection, animal management, feed management, facility maintenance, manure handling and disposal of dead animals.

When setting up a tailor-made biosecurity plan, our technical experts start by assessing your farm considering 2 ‘rings’,  an outer and an inner ring, to identify possible risks and improvements that can be made.

The outer ring :  “keeping the outside world out” 

A few examples of important ‘outer ring’ measures:

  • Maintaining proper hand hygiene
  • Cleaning and disinfecting equipment and vehicles
  • Avoiding contact between farm animals and wild animals
  • Placing footbaths, visitors often form an increased risk
  • Controlling pests, such as rodents
  • ….

The inner ring : “stopping the spread of pathogens within the farm”

A few examples of important ‘inner ring’ measures:

  • Starting with a thorough cleaning step before disinfection
  • Respecting the contact time of your product
  • Applying your product with the right tools
  • Measuring is knowing: check your dosage rates
  • Placing footbaths
Inner ring

Our technical experts are well trained in identifying the risks at your farm and in supporting you with tailor-made advice. They are always up to speed with the latest information and can inform you on additional measures to take. Don’t hesitate to contact us!