In determining the winners, a few other parameters were taken into account as well, like percentage of crop loss, cultivation results and general quality of the end products. In previous years, the winners were chosen in the Netherlands and Belgium, but this year for the first time, there was also a French Huwa-San Water Quality Cup Winner. For 2021, three prizes were awarded: one for best water quality in vegetable cultivation in the BeNeLux, one for best water quality in floriculture in the BeNeLux and one for best water quality in horticulture in France.

Wijnen Square Crops Huwa-San Water Quality Cup
From left to right: Jelle Vandenborne (Technical Sales BeNeLux Roam Technology), Roy Joosten (Head of Cultivation Wijnen Square Crops), Remco Bos and Marcel Verdellen (both crop managers Wijnen Square Crops).

Water quality Vegetables, BENELUX: Wijnen Square Crops

In the vegetable cultivation category in the BeNeLux, the prize went to cucumber and bell pepper grower Wijnen Square Crops, and more precisely their location in Egchel, the Netherlands. Crop Manager Roy Joosten manages this location containing 3 greenhouses, totalling a growing surface of 19 ha.

Wijnen Square Crops started using the Huwa-San TR-50 disinfectant on the advice of Jasper Verhoeven and Peter Jansen from Royal Brinkman. During all of 2021, they have paid a lot of attention to their hygiene protocols. With continuous high doses on their irrigation system, they’ve kept all harmful pathogens under control and have created optimal growing conditions for their crops.

Ter Laak Orchids Huwa-San Water Quality Cup 2
From left to right: André van ‘t Hoog (cultivation manager Ter Laak Orchids) and Niels Claes (Technical Sales BeNeLux Roam Technology).

Water quality Floriculture, BENELUX: Ter Laak Orchids

Ter Laak Orchids, a well-known Dutch phalaenopsis (pot orchid) grower, won the BeNeLux Huwa-San cup in the floriculture category. This company in Wateringen grows Phalaenopsis in greenhouses, encompassing a total growing surface of over 16 ha. It was Royal Brinkman, and more specifically hygiene specialist Dirk Timmers, who made cultivation manager André van ’t Hoog aware that Huwa-San would be a great disinfection solution for their growing location.

Ter Laak Orchids is a deserved winner of the floriculture award, because the general water quality of the irrigation water has been optimal throughout the whole year. Their approach to water quality across the entire irrigation system is very meticulous. Their new total hygiene approach with regards to cultivation tables and cultivation vases is also tackled with Huwa-San through surface treatments.

SCEA Cheminant Huwa-San Water Quality Cup
From left to right: Laurent Cheminant (owner SCEA Cheminant) and Antoine Cheminant (partner SCEA Cheminant).

Water quality Horti, France: SCEA Cheminant

In France, SCEA Cheminant is the winner of the Huwa-San Water Quality Cup. This well-known family company grows tomatoes and cucumbers in Carquefou, at a location with 5 greenhouses. Owners Laurent and Antoine Cheminant started using Huwa-San TR-50 because they had been experiencing severe Pythium and agrobacterium problems, which put pressure on their bottom line.

Since our colleague Baptiste Bessette visited SCEA Cheminant and set up a hygiene plan, complete with dosing pump, the infection pressure was drasticall reduced. The spread of Pythium and Agrobacterium problems was inhibited in no time, and the cultivation results improved drastically quality-wise.

Congratulations to all of the winners!