Crazy Roots outbreak controlled with Huwa-San TR-50

With 50ha of growth area across 2 locations, the grower utilised 18ha for cucumber crops. Within this area, 3 of their greenhouses had confirmed Root Mat Disease contamination. Turning to Royal Brinkman for a solution, it was account manager Peter Janssen who suggested using Huwa-San TR-50 – a proven product against Crazy Roots.

Together with Peter Janssen, a tailor-made plan of action was designed and put in place with recommendations for specific actions to be undertaken.

Crazy Roots outbreak controlled with Huwa-San TR-50

The results of laboratory testing on the dirty drain confirmed high levels of Agrobacteria. The action plan required a shock dose of increased concentrations of Huwa-San TR-50 and proportional dosing systems to be installed for controlled, low level constant dosing of Huwa-San TR-50, ensuring once the system was cleaned it stayed clean. However, even with controlled proportional dosing, regular checks are always recommended.

Continued monitoring and testing of the system showed significant reduction in the Agrobacterium levels which has resulted in the easing of pathogen pressure on the crop.

Next to an improved overall product quality, we noticed an increased production of 2 cucumbers per plant.

Leading Dutch cucumber production company

This results in an increase in turnover of about 500,000 euros on an annual basis.

It is well known that this production company attaches great importance to quality and innovation. In addition, they have now also made enormous progress in the field of disinfection thanks to a structured and consistently followed hygiene plan. Together with our extensive support, this turned out to be a winning combination. The cultivation managers were guided meticulously in how to unlock the full potential of Huwa-San. Huwa-San disinfection protocols were evaluated and improved from crop rotation to crop rotation. Dosing systems were added and optimised to make sure the correct volume of Huwa-San TR-50 was dosed. As part of our ongoing client support, frequent follow-up and consultation meetings created the necessary confidence among the cultivation managers. This management team were very proactive and hands-on in their approach, which helped deliver a very successful outcome.