Vale Farm 2
Richard Lamb, manager at Vale Farm

Vale farm is a layer farm of 32.000 free range birds producing eggs for consumption and is managed by Richard Lamb. To avoid the formation of biofilm in the drinking water system, they used chlorine based tablets as disinfection. However, this had a negative effect on drinking water palatability, which in its turn had an influence on the feed intake of the birds and thus indirectly on the egg production as well.

The challenge

Some products can have a negative impact on water palatability, meaning that the water is no longer free of detectable odor and taste. Bad taste or bad odour can both cause reduced water intake, eventually this results in dehydration which can mean significant economic loss. More succinctly, water accounts for almost 90% of the total egg, so hydration is key for sustained production and health. Ricard said “If we are to expect Formula 1 performance from these birds, the water should be regarded and treated as importantly as the highly managed feed they consume”

Further, drinking water takes up an important role in the transmission of diseases, both bacterial and viral. Therefore preservation of water quality is key for good crop performance. That’s why guidelines on water quality have been included in the British Lion Code of Practice. Analysis of water samples at vale farm showed that there was room for improvement of the Total Viable Count (TVC).

Our solution

Richard Lamb wanted to tackle this problem and decided 24 weeks into the cycle to make the switch to Huwa-San TR-50. As the birds were present in the shed, performing a terminal disinfection of the system was not possible. Therefor, Huwa-San TR-50 was dosed continously by installing 2 dosing pumps, 1 for each shed.

Shortly after starting with Huwa-San TR-50, the drinking system was being flushed twice a day for a short period of time on the advice of our Roam Livestock Expert. Huwa-San TR-50 was reacting with the biofilm present in the water system, regular flushing helped remove biofilm and ensured that Huwa-San TR-50 levels were higher at the end of the lines. Afterwards the frequency was reduced.


Thanks to Nigel I have learned much more about biofilm and also had great support during this journey

Richard Lamb, Farm Manager at Vale Farm

Used products

Huwa-San TR-50 is a registered biocide. Use biocides safely. Before use, read the label and product information.

Biocides are governed by stringent regulatory frameworks, the particulars of which may differ across nations. In this instance, the application adheres entirely to the regulations of the respective country but may not necessarily comply with those of others. It is advisable to consult our in-house experts for guidance on particular applications.

Improved drinking water quality in a broiler farm

A broiler farmer in Spain had a slightly higher mortality rate than normal. At that point of time the farmer was not yet using the Huwa-San technology to clean the drinking water system.