The challenge

As with any large, complex water system, the challenges of legionella control and maintaining a high level of system hygiene are abundant. With numerous cold water storage tanks (CWST), calorifiers, multiple outlets and hidden pipe networks, coupled with very little down time, this system required a combined chemical and mechanical solution. The normal method for sanitizing hot water, was to ensure that the water temperature was maintained at 62 °C, which presented a scald risk and was cost-ineffective.

Our solution

Working alongside our approved partners, a robust strategy was implemented to include shock and constant dosing of our biocidal product Huwa-San TR-50. With an environmentally sound footprint leaving no harmful residuals, Huwa-San has proven efficacy against biofilms and legionella and so was the natural choice for this project.

Having the ability to control the dosing using proportional dosing systems allows a measured and auditable solution which can be scalable to suit any size of system. It’s this type of system which has benefitted this terminal building and allowed for such sustainable results for a long period of time.

By using Huwa-San TR-50, the water temperature can be dropped to 50 °C, thereby saving energy costs and providing safer working conditions (less scald risks).

The treatment cost is modest, in fact the Huwa-San treatment solution can be paid for from the savings gained in reducing hot water temperature. By using Huwa-San, the water temperature can be dropped to 50°C, thereby saving energy and providing safer conditions.

Robert Wilson BSc. M.W.M.Soc

Huwa-San TR-50

Huwa-San TR-50 is a registered biocide. Use biocides safely. Before use, read the label and product information.

Biocides are governed by stringent regulatory frameworks, the particulars of which may differ across nations. In this instance, the application adheres entirely to the regulations of the respective country but may not necessarily comply with those of others. It is advisable to consult our in-house experts for guidance on particular applications.

Total Plant Hygiene Management – Cosmetic Industry

Roam Technology was contacted by one of the world’s leading cosmetic companies in the late 90’s. At that time, they were using a mixture of traditional disinfections products, leading to challenges.