The challenge

Since then, their largest European manufacturing plant uses Huwa-San as disinfectant. In this plant, the main activity is the manufacture and filling of colour cosmetics and tubes. The standard operating procedure (SOP) they previously used was a monthly alternation between chlorine, alcohol, quat and aldehyde based disinfectants, dependant on specific sites within the operation. Drivers for change were safety, health and procedures which are too complicated.

total plant hygiene management cosmetic

Our solution

Together with the customer, our experts designed a cleaning & disinfection validation plan to integrate Huwa-San in the overall SOP’s. After a 6 months implementation and validation period, Huwa-San was fully integrated into the Total Plant Sanitation program. With final and full endorsement by head office, Huwa-San is now used as a no rinse disinfection solution for all production kettles and production and filling equipment coming into contact with the final product.

Used Products

Huwa-San TR-50 is a registered biocide. Use biocides safely. Before use, read the label and product information.

Biocides are governed by stringent regulatory frameworks, the particulars of which may differ across nations. In this instance, the application adheres entirely to the regulations of the respective country but may not necessarily comply with those of others. It is advisable to consult our in-house experts for guidance on particular applications.

Drinking water treatment in Killaloe

A drinking water treatment plant in Killaloe strives to provide safe drinking water and choose to use products that don’t harm the environment.