Huwa-San's impact on crop health

Crazy Roots, scientifically known as Hairy Roots Disease or Root Mat Disease, stems from the activity of Agrobacterium rhizogenes. This bacterium incorporates itself into the plant’s DNA by transferring a Ri plasmid (a segment of DNA) to plant cells. Consequently, the plant boosts nutrient production for the bacteria while heightening sensitivity to auxin hormones, culminating in rampant root growth — the hallmark of Crazy Roots. Crops such as cucumber, tomato, and eggplant are particularly susceptible to this phenomenon.

Marijke Poortmans of Roam Technology, a pioneering force behind Huwa-San, remarks, “The decline in Crazy Roots incidence in horticulture may be attributed to heightened hygiene practices, although the threat persists.” Indeed, eradicating Crazy Roots post-infection poses a formidable challenge.

In the BARATom initiative, in collaboration with Scientia Terrae, KU Leuven, Research Station for Vegetable Cultivation, and Research Center Hoogstraten, growers delve into innovative methods to combat Agrobacterium rhizogenes, employing biocontrol agents and anti-biofilm compounds. Biofilm, a critical factor, serves as a refuge for bacteria, rendering conventional treatments ineffective unless the biofilm is meticulously addressed.

Huwa-San's impact on crop health

“Enter Huwa-San,” exclaims Marijke, emphasizing its efficacy in disrupting biofilm formation — a pivotal aspect in combatting Agrobacterium rhizogenes. “Stabilised hydrogen peroxide not only inhibits biofilm formation but also eradicates the habitat conducive to Agrobacterium rhizogenes.” Trials reveal Huwa-San’s efficacy in reducing Agrobacterium rhizogenes presence in tomato crops, with continuous administration during cultivation and heightened dosages during crop rotation.

Marijke elucidates, “Huwa-San remains active throughout the irrigation system, penetrating deeper than conventional peroxide treatments, crucial for combating entrenched biofilms.”

In the perpetual quest for agricultural innovation, Huwa-San stands as a beacon, offering a holistic approach to crop health and disease management.