Marijke Poortmans was the first to join our Roam Technology family. After graduating at the University of Leuven with a master of science, biochemistry and biotechnology, she obtained her PhD and became an expert in the field of microbiology. At Roam Technology, she found the job she was looking for, as she wanted to work for a hygiene specialist in the agro sector. She will be primarily focusing on our activities and products in the horticultural, post harvest and livestock sectors. We are convinced that Marijke, who has a huge interest in microbiology and plant and animal physiology, will be a huge asset in our various activities in these fields.


Shortly after Marijke, Pauline Brepoels also joined Roam Technology. With a background and a PhD in Bioscience Engineering, Pauline too brings a wealth of scientific knowledge and expertise to our team. During her PhD, Pauline developed a strong understanding of microbiology and biofilms, which will be invaluable in her new role at Roam Technology.

Just like Marijke a Junior Product Manager, Pauline joins our Product Management team, while primarily focusing on our activities in the fields of industrial applications and medical support. She is committed to contributing to a healthier and more sustainable future, and we are confident that her expertise will help us achieve this goal.

We look forward to seeing the impact Marijke and Pauline will have on upcoming projects. Please join us in welcoming our new product management team to the Roam Technology team!