At the forefront in Medical Support

In Medical Support, Roam Technology already has decades of experience in a wide variety of medical disinfection applications. In 2022, we will be approaching the medical and healthcare market with a sharpened focus. We have done  significant  investments in this business line  in order to obtain  a more prominent place in the worldwide #healthcare disinfection sector.

We are currently working on a totally revamped product portfolio in Medical Support, with our new portable Huwa-San Fogger being the first new product in this range. The Huwa-San Fogger is a solid, reliable and easy to use whole room disinfection device. It enables users to disinfect walls and floors in medical, public and industrial areas in a quick and efficient fashion.

The portable nebuliser uses Huwa-San 7,9% H2O2 MD (Medical Device) or  Huwa-San 12,5% H202 MD as disinfectants, which meet the highest EN disinfection standards for bactericides, fungicides, virucides, sporicides and mycobactericides. We currently also have another new nebuliser in the pipeline, about which you’ll hear more very soon.

At the forefront in Medical Support

Next to the Huwa-San Fogger, the other new products in our Medical Support product range are Huwa-San 3 MD (a 3% solution of stabilised hydrogen peroxide) and Huwa-San 5 MD (a 5% solution of stabilised hydrogen peroxide). Both products are broadly applicable surface disinfectants and are highly effective against different types of disease-causing agents. Both have also proven to be effective against the coronavirus. These ready-to-use products are easy to apply and need no rinsing.

Roam Technology is looking for motivated local partners in order to promote our entire medical portfolio (Huwa-San Fogger, Huwa-San 3, 5, 7.9, 12.5% H202 MD,  our new fogger in the pipeline) worldwide. Be sure to contact us to become a partner of the Roam Technology family.