Macronutrienst and micronutrients

Ambiorix provides both macronutrients and micronutrients:

  • Macronutrients like phosphorus and potassium are needed in large quantities.
  • Micronutrients, such as iron are required in smaller amounts.


An Iron Fertiliser with Complete Nutrient Absorption

Ambiorix is a revolutionary iron fertiliser that leaves no residue. Traditionally, iron chelates have been used to prevent iron precipitation in solutions and ensure iron transport to the plant. Chelates are organic molecules that form complexes with iron, but are useless to the plant. Unlike chelates, Ambiorix’s inorganic polyphosphates are completely absorbed by plants, breaking down fully in the process. In the acidic environment of the plant roots, the polyphosphates in Ambiorix break down into orthophosphates, making both phosphorus and iron 100% readily available for plant uptake. This is a significant improvement compared to chelates, which end up recirculating uselessly in the system.

Water filtration system

Enhanced System Efficiency

Ambiorix also has a distinct advantage over chelates when it comes to filtration or disinfection systems. Organic molecules, like chelates, tend to get stuck in carbon filters, leading to loss of iron and clogging of filters. In contrast, the inorganic and fully oxidised nature of polyphosphates allows them to pass through filters more efficiently and not to be broken down by oxidants, ensuring that nutrients are delivered throughout the entire system until they’re fully absorbed.

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