Thorough cleaning is essential for a good disinfection procedure. Therefore, the owner was searching for a top quality, effective and ecological foam cleaner.

The Challenge

Livestock farms face a constant threat of pathogens such as Salmonella spp. and Streptococcus spp. To prevent outbreaks of these diseases on the farm, the implementation of a validated disinfection protocol is crucial. However, to perform an effective disinfection procedure, the use of a good cleaning detergent to prepare the environment is vital for the success of the biosecurity program. To deal with surfaces with heavy soiling, foam cleaners of top quality are required.

Pig farm

Our Solution

Roam Eco Power is a newly developed eco-friendly foam cleaner ideally suited for removing heavy soilings on floors, walls and ceilings in livestock farms.

To demonstrate the superior quality and effectiveness of Roam Eco Power, our technical livestock expert applied a 2% dilution to the surfaces of the pens, while simultaneously testing two 2% dilutions of competing foam cleaners. Each pen is made up from 8 panels. The solutions were applied using a disinfectant and detergent trolley with a fixed dosing valve. Roam Eco Power and the competing foam cleaners remained on the surfaces for 30 minutes before being rinsed with water.

graph Roam Eco Clean pigs

The Results

Afterwards, ATP swaps were taken from the surface to objectively quantify the cleaning effectiveness of the products. An ATP measurement was done on each panel, so in total 8 panels per cleaning product were sampled. Analysis of the results demonstrated that Roam Eco Power was on average 38% more effective as competitor 1 and performed even on average 48% better than competitor 2.

Test competitor 1
Competitor 1
Test competitor 2
Competitor 2
Test Roam Eco Clean
Roam Eco Power

Used Product

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