The challenge

As coffee rust is a foliar disease, infections are diagnosed by premature leaf fall and orange irregular shaped spots on the upper leaves. At the bottom leaves orange powdery lesions can be observed, which contain the spores that will be transmitted to initiate a new infection cycle. If no preventive measures are taken, infected leaves will drop, which might result in tree death in severe occasions. Therefore, Huwa-San TR-50 was used as a biocide to prevent thriving of this fungus, and also to guarantee healthy trees and coffee beans.

Our solution

Roam Technology advised to spray the coffee trees every 14 days with Huwa-San TR-50. After one season of repeated exposure to Huwa-San TR-50, a dramatic drop in rust was observed as almost none of the leaves displayed symptoms of coffee rust.

Used products

Huwa-San TR-50 is a registered biocide. Use biocides safely. Before use, read the label and product information.

Biocides are governed by stringent regulatory frameworks, the particulars of which may differ across nations. In this instance, the application adheres entirely to the regulations of the respective country but may not necessarily comply with those of others. It is advisable to consult our in-house experts for guidance on particular applications.

Disinfection of equipment inhibits the spread of Chlamydospores of Fusarium Oxysporum

Fusarium lettuce wilt can be killed off completely on tools and other equipment by selecting the correct disinfectant. However, it is important to pay proper attention to dosage and contact times.