Recent reports show alarming mortality rates ranging from 30% to 60%. This pervasive pathogen has spread to every continent except Antarctica, making it an omnipresent threat worldwide.

Huwa-San Fogger against C. Auris

Healthcare-associated outbreaks fueled by C. auris are on the rise due to its rapid transmission through the skin of both healthcare workers and patients. Furthermore, the pathogen’s ability to persist on various surfaces such as plastic, steel, mobile phones, and floors contributes to its resilience. Misidentification of C. auris often leads to incorrect therapies, complicating treatment efforts. To make matters worse, the majority of isolated strains have developed resistance to the most important antifungals, rendering them highly challenging to treat. This has earned C. auris the classification of an urgent public health threat by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and inclusion in the critical priority group by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

But fear not, a ray of hope emerges in the form of Roam Technology’s revolutionary solution – Huwa-San 12,5 MD and the HF3D Fogger.

Huwa-San Fogger against C. Auris

Introducing Huwa-San 12,5 MD and HF3D Fogger: The Power Duo to Combat C. auris

Roam Technology has been at the forefront of healthcare innovations, and now we bring you Huwa-San 12,5 MD, a 100% biodegradable disinfectant, combined with the HF3D Fogger – a game-changer in infection prevention.

Huwa-San 12,5 MD is Roam Technology’s breakthrough disinfectant, developed to tackle the most stubborn pathogens, including C. auris. Unlike traditional chlorinated disinfectants, Huwa-San 12,5 MD harnesses the power of hydrogen peroxide without producing harmful byproducts. This makes it both effective and environmentally friendly, ensuring the safety of patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Paired with Huwa-San 12,5 MD, the HF3D Fogger is a state-of-the-art device designed for automated disinfection. It nebulises Huwa-San into the environment, targeting rooms and surfaces to eliminate potential pathogenic species effectively. The automated fogging procedure ensures comprehensive coverage, leaving no room for pathogens to hide.

Huwa-San Fogger against C. Auris

Roam Technology is proud to announce that Huwa-San 12,5 MD and the HF3D Fogger have successfully met the European Standard (EN 17272:2020) for combating the nosocomial pathogen C. auris. Through rigorous testing and development, an automated disinfection program has been fine-tuned to maximize the killing efficacy of Huwa-San, ensuring the highest level of protection.

Proven Results: Exceeding Expectations

In a recent study, rooms containing multiple C. auris samples were subjected to the automated fogging procedure using Huwa-San 12,5 MD and the HF3D Fogger. The results were astonishing, with a reduction over 5-log10 for efficiacy and distribution tests, surpassing the required 4-log10 reduction. This means that 99.99%  of  pathogens are killed. This demonstrates the outstanding effectiveness of Roam Technology’s solution in reducing C. auris contaminations.

Huwa-San Fogger against C. Auris

Join the Fight Against C. auris Outbreaks

Roam Technology invites healthcare facilities to partner with them in the battle against C. auris outbreaks. By implementing Huwa-San 12,5 MD and the HF3D Fogger, you can ensure the highest health standards in your facility and protect your patients from costly and life-threatening infections. Together, we can make a difference and safeguard the well-being of those in our care.

Don’t wait for the next outbreak – act now! Contact us today and secure a safer tomorrow for your healthcare facility.