Huwa-San is the original silver stabilized hydrogen peroxide. The unique formulation makes Huwa-San a powerful, highly effective, broad spectrum disinfectant that is both stable and safe.


As a medium-sized company, Roam Technology aims to profile itself as a flexible partner in the field of chemical/non-chemical contract filling, meeting the highest medical standards.

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More ecological with use of Genk Port

Transportation is one aspect we cannot do without in this day and age. However, the current transportation systems come along with a wide range of problems including global warming, environmental degradation, health implications, traffic jams and emission of greenhouse gas.

As Roam Technology exports more than 95% of its turnover worldwide, our logistics team is continuously trying to find solutions to minimize the environmental impact of our deliveries. Together with our logistic partners, Roam is always looking for the most eco-friendly container/ship/road or train solution to reduce its carbon footprint, perfectly in line with the Roam Technology spirit.

At the beginning of 2017, Roam Technology started a cooperation with the local port of Genk. Using inland water transportation offers an environment-friendly alternative in terms of both energy consumption and noise emissions. In addition, inland waterway transport ensures a high degree of safety, in particular when it comes to the transportation of dangerous goods. Finally, it contributes to decongesting overloaded road networks.

For more information on our eco-friendly policy, please contact our logistics department.

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