Huwa-San is the original silver stabilized hydrogen peroxide. The unique formulation makes Huwa-San a powerful, highly effective, broad spectrum disinfectant that is both stable and safe.


As a medium-sized company, Roam Technology aims to profile itself as a flexible partner in the field of chemical/non-chemical contract filling, meeting the highest medical standards.

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Roam Technology has already been doing successful business for over 30 years. Since we operate in over 45 countries, we are certainly considered a global player.

When it comes to sustainable hygiene solutions, Roam Technology is 'miles ahead' of the rest with its chlorine-free products. Our unique recipes for stabilised hydrogen peroxide works proactively in prevention and can save you money. Independant institutes have demonstrated their efficiency on multiple occasions.

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The extra costs of Huwa-San compared to disinfecting with a conventional product have been amply compensated due to the reduction in losses. The application of Huwa-San in our company was continuously monitored by Roam Technology with measurements and advice. We immediately saw positive results. But what really counts is that the fun has returned to cultivation!

Bell pepper grower, the Netherlands

The water quality in the ice baths, used by over 2500 athletes during the London 2012 Olympics was protected by Huwa-San. The tested water passed 64 tests a day (carried out by staff and representatives from Dept. of Health) with zero reported athlete infections. Thereafter, regular water testing was carried out by the Department of Health, of which passed 100%. As Huwa-San passed all water quality tests this meant that all provided baths were able to be kept in operation throughout the games.

Vice Bath Supplier London Olympic Games 2012

… the most developed of the silver stabilised hydrogen peroxides now available has proved particularly effective against biofilms and biofouling in water systems. Independent testing shows it provides a very wide spectrum of biocidal activity against bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, amoebae (such as amoeba acanthus which can act as host to Legionella bacteria) and algae.

Dr T. Makin, Co Author of HSE Approved Code of Practice and Guidance (ACOP) - The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems (L8)

I always had a hard time enjoying the whirlpool area of the municipal swimming pool in our home city, because I always seemed to pick up Pseudomonas infections and associated skin infections. Since our municipality switched to Huwa-San for the disinfection of the pool area, all of my problems were gone instantly.

French private person

Using Huwa-San has not significantly improved my yield, but in terms of maintaining a residual and providing protection against potentially catastrophic blight, it's the most inexpensive insurance I could ever buy.

Giancarlo Tomelleri, Manager, California Masterplan Inc

In the past, we used traditional chemicals like chlorine and bromine to disinfect our process water used in our cooling tunnels. Due to the high water temperatures, we often had positive results on microbacterial growth resulting in biofilm. Huwa-San is resistant to these high temperatures and is non corrosive. Using Huwa-San the biofilm is completely removed and our process water is clean.

Belgian juice company

The pool in our back yard seemed like a good idea when we started thinking of having kids. We quickly found out our children both suffered from chlorine allergies, making it hard for us as a family to enjoy our pool area. Switching from chlorine disinfection to Huwa-San disinfection was the best decision we ever made.

Australian young father

We were looking for a faster, safer and cleaner sanitization process as most common disinfectants are often carcinogenic, alcohol based or needed rinsing. Huwa-San is the one stop solution. Huwa-San is non corrosive to our equipment, safe to use and very effective. It’s a product that can cover anything.

QA controller Pharmaceutical Company Belgium


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